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dirt   Cleaning

Cleaning a dirty painting is a basic conservation work. But cleaning should be handled by a professional if your art work is valuable.

Bad handle of cleaning could cause big condition problem on a painting



- A painting or part of a painting could be over cleand is the solvent used is too agressive
var   Discolored varnish removing

All the varnish on the painting changes its color & tranparency by aging. Some turn to yellow, some trun to brownish or greyish

The original color of a painting could be covered by those varnish discloring. Romoving those discolored varnish could surpricely bring back the real beauty of the painting.

Depending the paint layer streth, medium age, varnish sors, Number of solvents mixtyre are used to disolve the discolored varnish and remove them.


- The original medium could be diluted by accident irreversible.

. Weak paint layer could be permenently damaged if the cleaning control is not good enough.

crack   Crack fixation

There are few different sorts of cracks

- Flat & fine cracks are aging cracks. Those cracks are not dangerous if the edg of the crack is not sharp.

- Cupping cracks are trending pilling off. It should be fixed in time.

- Cracks fill off from painting surface. Those cracks should be consolidated urgently


- Some people put a layer of adhesion film on top of the cracks as a quick fixation work. This is a very harmful method.;

a. Crack loosen situation is still there, just hold by the film

b. Because he original paint will be hold on those film, the risk of damage more original paint would be very high.

over   Over paint removing

Over paint is the un necessary touch up for some un professional hand. The add on paint is on to the original part of the painting.

More over paint means less original part left. So those over paint should be removed


Some bad restorer repair crack & tiny paint loss with over paint.

Other one could not retouch the color match the surrounded original. So they paint the area bigger and bigger...

Some one even used strong paint to make over paint. Those would be irreversible.

Those way of repairing could be very fast, but completly wrong.

mou   Mould removing

The best relative humidity(RH) for maintain paintings is between 55 and 65 %.

Mould could grow easier in tropical countries because the high relative humidity (RH). The nature RH could be higher than 80%, even 90% in some period. The best way to avoid mould is control the RH by dehumidifier or AC.

Beginning mould is grayish, round formed. They are mostly on the surface only. It's a small work to remove them.

If mould grow on the painting long, they could grow deeper into the paint layer. In this case, paint layer is damaged


- the bad way of treat the mould could be just put varnish to cover the mat mould spots . The covered mould is still living. they could be more active because the high RH is sealed in under the varnsih

-Mould could grow back even after prevension treatment if the RH is higher than 65%

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