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Canvas tear All tears could be restored. But the right material & method of the first work are very important.   A wrong repairing could make the tear problem bigger     tear
Brush strokes lost

In most of time, brush stroke losses are caused by paint pilling.

The form the brush strok texture, right material, good understanding and high skill are very important

  - Acrylic paint, gesso, furniture filling are all bad material for this purpose     lost
Paint lost

Paint losses could be from different reasons such as cracks, paint pilling, over cleaning or other wrong handling

We gerantee of using stable and reversible material proved by Belgiuan conservation sociaty


- Retouch over the necessary zones is a common seen situation of the work done by not quarlified people.

- Over paint could be check by UV light.

Deformation/ pill out

/support deformation means canvas loosen, un-even corner tension, wrinkles and other forms caused by wrong handling.

Canvas deformation should be regulated in a suitable degree as soon as possible. If those forms remain long, crack and pilling on paint layer could happen

Other C & R work


Strip lining



When the canvas edges are damaged by rust nails, sharp stretcher edges, over stretching tension
Lining & relining

If there are too long canvas tear, too serious cupping crack, too heavy canvas deeformation, britle canvas,


Crack flattenning

This is for the case of weak canvas holding heavy paint layer, long time crack cause hollow lines on canvas


Stretcher replace

Expandable stretcher is recommoned because the gentle expanding possibility.

If the painting stretcher is with sharp edges touching the painting side, it should be modified or replaced because those edges


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